I wonder if I have a clue
about the meaning of being true
if day by day my
true thoughts hide away.

What people say and do
they might describe as true,
but inside they disagree
you get to know them and you’ll see.

I wanna leave my house, close the door,
get away – can’t stay no more.
I’m curious for something new
to start a life that feels more true.

I need to run, get off my place,
take off my shoes and feel the space.
I’ll break the most essential norms,
I’m gonna let the truth be born.

All the days and nights are hard
when I just ignore my heart.
But my feelings tell me how to move on….

I read the book about myself,
leave my old dime novels on the shelf,
stop my life being a play
and find a true one.

I wonder if you feel content
or do you just pretend?
People can act satisfied,
with their freedom sacrificed.

The more they fake their luck,
the more they will get stuck.
The way to luck that’s true
can be the start of something new.