Far But Close

Lyrics by Stefan Renard / Alex H.

It’s not about the way you walk
not about the way that you talk
It’s not about the way that you smile
not about your extraordinary style

It’s about things too hard to fight
Sometimes surrendering feels so right.
It’s about emotions I go through
far away but close to you

‘though you’re gone, I wont feel too blue
when I look at pictures in my mind that you drew.
The two of us, such an exhilarating view
Each time you leave it’s the start of something new.

I know that you feel the same way
thoughts of each other light up the day
All those times when we are apart
memories can lift up my heart.

I like the thought of you approaching my street
and when you stay a while everytime we meet.
It’s all about that afterglow
far away but close to you.

Like root and branches of a tree
bound together although they can never see
each other – so no matter where you are
you’re my necessary essence of glee.

Far But Close