Paso Doble Musik – Paso Doble Video

The music in this Paso Doble Video is called “Por Doquier” – “Everywhere”. This is the instrumental live version of the song, composed by Alex. It also exists in a sung version with accordeon. The title and lyrics were written by Rosa Nieves.

We decided to re-record the song with our today’s members of MACANTO. First the piece was planned to be just piano and guitar. We recorded both instruments live together. Daniel – usually our drummer – suggested to accompany with standup bass. We liked the sound, so the bass was added later on, together with hand claps and castagnettes.

These give the song a very unique touch and make it a mix of Paso Doble, Tango Argentino and Flamenco elements.

For the video Alex asked Tanja Kuschill (well-known from Germany’s TV Show “Let’s Dance”) to perform to Por Doquier. As the sound is really special, this was quite a challenge! But she liked the idea and asked her friend Markus Heffner to join he project.

Tanja Kuschill’s Dance School:
Markus Heffner’s Homepage:

We recorded the performance in Tanja’s dance school. Josef – usually our bass player – got a huge spotlight and operated it. The spotlight gives the scenery a very classical look.

Georgi and Alex filmed with two cameras. In post-production everything was put together. We decided to give the video – according to the sound – a look that blends classical elements and an old appearance with some modern scratches. Parts of the dance scenes were animated in a drawing/cartoon style, to underline the “illusions” that come out in the perormance.

We want to say a big THANK YOU to Tanja and Markus for their effort – and also for the great choice of costumes.

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Macanto – “Por Doquier”