Leave It All Behind

Lyrics by Stefan Renard

The days have been short lately, nights have been too long
Creatures great and small vanished, being out there seems wrong…
Light is weak and dimmed today, sun’s dangling deep
Longing ruled my mind so long, I might as well have been asleep.

But now leave it all behind again
Leave the cover of your den
Overcome your walls and greet the sun
Take a step out, feel the breeze,
washing away your disease,
new life has just begun.

Take a look at those leaves so green as they sprout
Birds and bees return to feast, the chill backs out
Sky turns blue, the sun peeps trough, behind a cloud
Flowers raising up their heads, birds sing out loud.

When the sunrays reach earth at last
lawn comes back where once snow was vast
Not longer will survival be a strain
Spring conquers back the lost terrain.

Haze has gone, clearing up the view
ice gets torn as life breaks through
The world is wishing for a change
Spring conquers back the lost terrain.

The bright light wins the recurring fight
against winter’s night, against winter’s fright
The old trees grow back their leaves,
heal the frost’s bite, turn the world bright.

Once surpressed, a crow escapes my chest
Gone away are the times to rest.
Let’s start over new, wipe away the blue
Let’s enjoy being nature’s guests.


Leave It All Behind