Dear Santa

You like Christmas under palmtrees? This is your song!

Macanto is preparing for the end of the year – and we want to give you some good mood and party feeling with this song, before getting into a winter depression 🙂

Thanks to the little lovely dancers from Hulihe’e Palace on Hawaii for letting us use their performance in the video.


1st Verse:

Dear Santa, for Christmas I would love to see
a plane ticket to Hawaii under my tree.
You can send me the cash, you can take me yourself
or I fly there with your most responsible elf.

Please Santa, get me there somehow.
Don’t wait until later, it’s best to go now.
If that’s too expensive choose another warm place
with a good choice you won’t fall from grace.


Take me away from snow and ice
Christmas in Hawaii would be nice
I don’t even need a Christmas tree
Palm trees are just fine for me.

2nd Verse:

When you read this, think a time or two.
It’s a hard decision, but I’m sure you’ve had a few.
Sorry I’ve been bad, next year I’ll be better.
You have a big job, I should end this letter.

Santa, tell your pretty elves I said hi.
Thanks for your time, now I must say goodbye.
The milk ‘s in a glass, the cookies on a tray
You know where I live, nothing more left to say.


Dear Santa

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