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Macanto was founded in June 2015. The band consists of professional musicians who love to play various styles, openminded towards all types of our world’s music. There is no strict musical direction set at Macanto. Anything is possible as long as harmony and creativity are always audible.

We love music – whether jazz, latin, funk, rock, hip hop, RnB, World Music; live, in the studio, in videos. It’s always a surprise what we do next. We hope that our style continues to open people’s horizons and motivates not to be prejudiced against anything new or different.

It’s also a pleasure for us to work with other artists – if you are a musician and would like to have one of your songs arranged and played by us, get in contact! We’re looking forward to every inquiry.

The Musicians from left to right:

Georgi Kostov – guitar

Alex Hafezi – piano, mixing, arranging

Nick Herrmann – drums

Raphaela Mayr – voice

Tomasz Moskwa – bass

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